Welcome to the 2024 Season!

Keep checking the calendar site for club updates! Clubs are asked to please submit their upcoming/tentative dates as soon as possible to Wendy at zoneeightsecretary@gmail.com

Hi again everyone! There has been a couple of changes to tee times on Saturday. Please see below for the updates. Entries closed as of 9:00pm Wednesday, May 22. Great to see so many players out for our Zone 8 North Qualifier! Any questions, please email Jim at mckinnonjim061@gmail.com

Saturday - Lone Wolf Golf Course

Amateur Tee Time - 1:30 PM
Brad Gunson Gord Herring Rob Powell Layne Peterkin
Senior Tee Time - 1:40 PM
Dan Rose Len Holland Richie Hosker Percy Peterkin
Amateur Tee Time - 1:50 PM
Lyle Grunewald Guy McLennan Bryce Baloun Justin Fullarton
Juniors Tee Time - 2:00 PM
Dane Banack Trip Turnbull Tyson Morton Karie Jeannotte
Juniors Tee Time - 2:10 PM
Levi Meeres Blake Willich Kiptyn Harvey Caiden Painter
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